Piers Thomas

  • Designer at Large
  • Innovation Accelerator
  • Garment + Interface Designer
  • Creative.Design Director
  • Brand Rejuvenator + Advisor
  • Design Entrepreneur + Mentor
  • Research + Design + Development + Production
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Elite Athletes

I’ve worked both with Professional Teams, Sports Associations and Brands supplying elite athletes; delivering and receiving; being part of the process on both sides.

..involved in 214 Olympic / Paralympic medals and 3 Tour de France victories…

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Technical Sportswear

Techmotional | The balance of technology and emotion is key to designing succesful commercial product

I’ve had garments in the Patagonia range for 30 years …

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It was the desire to reduce consumption and create less, yet better, product which drove me to Patagonia in Ventura, California.

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As the Commercial Apparel Design and Development Director with Seismic Powered Clothing I formed a 17 person team to design a viable supply chain and innovate with our production partners…
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An innovation project which demonstrates a viable solution to the planetary boundaries crisis

The high efficiency water-car is created using 30 year old hulls, recycled 3-D printed components and a sewn bio resin marine ply pod…

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I designed the whole of this vernacular sustainable home in Seaview, Isle of Wight…

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Dog harnesses, lifejackets and luggage…

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University College Falmouth / External Examiner
London College of Fashion /
Lecturer on the Fashion and the Environment MA course
London Central St Martins /  Lecturer


I felt it was important to understand the emotional side of clothing so I immersed myself inside the Fashion world…

  • BA (hons) at Kingston University
  • Designers assistant at Workers for Freedom
  • Consultant Fashion Designer Sportmax and Max Mara
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