My story so far…

From an early age I had two disparate passions of sailing and sewing which I wanted to combine by creating sailing clothes. This journey started with a fashion degree at Kingston University, working as a Design Assistant at Workers for Freedom and a transatlantic sailing crossing.

A 6 year stay in Ventura, California, with Patagonia as Designer at Large exposed me to the heart of the technical sportswear industry and allowed me to develop my design + management skills within many different outdoor sports and cultures under the umbrella of sustainable development.

One year on the South Island of New Zealand was spent learning the skills of a Graphic designer whilst participating in the fledgling years of the sport of kite boarding.

I returned to Europe to design/build a home on the Isle of Wight, while also rejuvenating the Helly Hansen Watersports collection and shifting the sailing industry with the invigoration of my outdoor product experience.

Within the wearables arena I was Director of Commercial Apparel Design + Development for an SRI spinoff called Seismic Powered Clothing (Menlo Park USA) driving innovation with our production partners.

While working with Rapha as the Design Manager Pro Cycling @ TEAM SKY and then Elite Athlete Innovation I enabled the team to win 3 Tour de Frances in my clothing (2013 + 2015 + 2016).

With the English Institute of Sport – UK as Interface Innovator + Concept Accelerator I have been part of 214 Olympic/ Paralympic medals since the 2012 London Games.

I’ve had various workshops around the world and have now built a south coast custom Interface Systems Innovation Creation Laboratory with digital 2D / 3D patterning and mixed media 3D printing / construction tools and machines. This micro production facility is the hub of the Textile Interface™️ project and a hotbed of sustainability creations.  

The Textile Interface™️ project operates to improve & optimise the following three areas:

  • Athlete Physical Performance with regards to the Environment
  • Interface between Athlete + Equipment enhancement
  • Specific articulated Gains e.g. aerodynamics, weight, hydrodynamics

I possess a unique perspective and holistic approach to the clothing industry, solving business situations and rejuvenating brands.

I utilise this experience to create innovative, environmentally harmless, and directional products that last both physically and aesthetically by blending technology with emotions and cultures for life, living and performance.